Setup a Sguil Client in 8-Steps using VMware Player and VMWare Browser-Appliance

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The Browser-Appliance available from VMware provides a good platform* for getting a demo Sguil Client up and running with ethereal and firefox web browser.

1. Download and install virtual machine player VMware Player here:

2. Download the Browser-Appliance virtual machine and run as described here:

3. Open a terminal from within the running Browser-Appliance virtual machine

  Click: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

4. Open super user shell**

 $ sudo su -  

5. Install Sguil-related dependencies using the debian package manager apt-get***:

 # apt-get install tclx8.4 tcllib iwidgets4 ethereal cvs
 # ln -s /usr/bin/ethereal /usr/sbin/ethereal

6. Exit super user shell

 # exit

7. Download and install sguil client as described here:

 $ cvs login 
 $ cvs co sguil 

8. Start the Sguil client

 $ cd ~/sguil/client/
 $ ./ 

  Now you are ready to login to the demo site!

--Johnc 15:15, 31 December 2006 (PST)

--Johnc 07:33, 12 November 2009 (PST) - updated link to BrowserAppliance

* The underlying operating system for the Browser-Appliance is debian-based Ubuntu.
** Sudo will prompt for the password of the default user 'vmware'. 
   You can change/set the password this way:
     Click: System -> Preferences -> About Me -> Change Password
*** For those unfamiliar with using the 'apt-get' command: should you receive
error  messages during installation, try running 'apt-get update' and then 
re-running the original apt-get command.  You may find you need to do this 
serveral times before all required software packages are updated or installed.
Also, since Ethereal will install under /usr/bin/ethereal, we can create a link to where Sguil expects the binary.