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List of packages included in Hex LiveCD:

ORBit2-2.14.9 High-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language OpenEXR-1.6.0 A high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format Terminal-0.2.6_3 Terminal emulator for the X windowing system Thunar-0.8.0_5 XFce 4 file manager Xaw3d-1.5E_2 A 3-D Athena Widget set that looks like Motif a2ps-a4-4.13b_4 Formats an ascii file for printing on a postscript printer aalib-1.4.r5_4 An ascii art library adns-1.4_1 Easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library and ut afterglow-1.5 A collection of graph-generating scripts agg-2.5_2 A High Quality Rendering Engine for C++ aguri-0.7_1 An Aggregation-based Traffic Profiler akode-plugins-mpc-2.0.1,1 Musepack decoder plugin for akode akode-plugins-mpeg-2.0.1,1 MPEG audio decoder plugin for akode akode-plugins-oss-2.0.1,1 OSS output plugin for akode amap-5.2 Application mapper amspsfnt-1.0_5 AMSFonts PostScript Fonts (Adobe Type 1 format) appres-1.0.1 Program to list application's resources apr-gdbm-db42-1.2.8_2 The Apache Group's Portability Library arc-5.21o_1 Create & extract files from DOS .ARC files argus-2.0.6 A generic IP network transaction auditing tool argus-clients-2.0.6 Client programs for the argus IP network transaction auditi arj-3.10.22 Open-source ARJ arping-2.05_2 ARP level "ping" utility artswrapper-1.5.3 Setuid wrapper for arts artwiz-aleczapka-en-1.3_1 A set of (improved) artwiz fonts aspell-0.60.5_2 Spelling checker with better suggestion logic than ispell atk-1.18.0_1 A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK) autoconf-2.13.000227_6 Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms autoconf-2.61_2 Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms autoconf-wrapper-20071109 Wrapper script for GNU autoconf autocutsel-0.9.0 Synchronizes the two copy/paste buffers used by X applicati automake-1.10_3 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.10) automake-1.4.6_4 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.4) automake-1.5_4,1 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.5) automake-1.6.3 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.6) automake-1.7.9 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.7) automake-1.8.5 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.8) automake-1.9.6_2 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (1.9) automake-wrapper-20071109 Wrapper script for GNU automake autopsy-2.08 Graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit autotools-20070905 Autotools meta-port avahi-0.6.21 Service discovery on a local network avahi-app-0.6.22_1 Service discovery on a local network avahi-gtk-0.6.22 Gtk+ tools and bindings to the Avahi mDNS system bash-3.2.25 The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell bash-completion-20060301_2 Programmable completion library for Bash 2.04 and up bdftopcf-1.0.1 Convert X font from BDF to PCF beforelight-1.0.2 A sample screen saver for X bigreqsproto-1.0.2 BigReqs extension headers bison-2.3_1 A parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with Yacc bison-2.3_3,1 A parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with Yacc bitmap-1.0.3 Bitmap editor and converter utilities for X bitstream-vera-1.10_4 Bitstream Vera TrueType font collection bittwist-0.80 Libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator, with PCAP editor blt-2.4z_2 A Tk extension (with shared libs) boost-python-1.34.1 Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries bro-1.2 System for detecting Network Intruders in real-time bsdinstaller-2.0.2006.0728 BSD Installer mega-package bvi-1.3.2 A vi-like binary file (hex)editor bwm-ng-0.6 A small and simple bandwidth monitor bzip2-1.0.4 A block-sorting file compressor cabextract-1.2 A program to extract Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) files cairo-1.4.10 Vector graphics library with cross-device output support cdparanoia-3.9.8_8 A CDDA extraction tool (also known as ripper) cdrdao-1.2.2 Record CD-R[W]s in disk-at-once mode cdrtools-2.01_6 CD/CD-R[W] and ISO-9660 image creation and extraction tools chaosreader-0.94 A tool to extract data from tcpdump logs chmlib-0.39 A library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files clamav-0.91.2 Command line virus scanner written entirely in C clpbar-1.10.9 Command Line Progress Bar cmpsfont-1.0_6 Computer Modern PostScript Fonts (Adobe Type 1 format) compat5x-i386- A convenience package to install the compat5x libraries compositeproto-0.4 Composite extension headers conky-1.4.7 An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X coreutils-6.9_1 The Free Software Foundation's core utilities cpdup-1.07 A comprehensive filesystem mirroring and backup program cups-base-1.2.12 Common UNIX Printing System curl-7.16.3 Non-interactive tool to get files from FTP, GOPHER, HTTP(S) cvsup-without-gui-16.1h_3 General network file distribution system optimized for CVS cyrus-sasl-2.1.22 RFC 2222 SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) daemonlogger-0.91 A packet sniffer capable of running as a daemon and as a so damageproto-1.1.0_2 Damage extension headers darkstat-3.0.619 Network statistics gatherer and reporter db41-4.1.25_4 The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.1 db42-4.2.52_5 The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.2 dbus-1.0.2_2 A message bus system for inter-application communication dbus-glib-0.74 GLib bindings for the D-BUS messaging system desktop-file-utils-0.12_1 A couple of command line utilities for working with desktop dirmngr-0.9.7_2 A client for managing and downloading certificate revocatio djbfft-0.76_2 An extremely fast library for floating-point convolution dmenu-3.4 X11 menu application (not only) for the dwm window manager dmidecode-2.8 A tool for dumping DMI (SMBIOS) contents in human-readable dmxproto-2.2.2 DMX extension headers docbook-sk-4.1.2_4 XML version of the DocBook DTD version controlled for Scrol docbook-xml-4.2_1 XML version of the DocBook DTD docbook-xml-4.3 DocBook/XML DTD V4.3, designed for technical documentation docbook-xml-4.4 DocBook/XML DTD V4.4, designed for technical documentation docbook-xsl-1.71.1_2 XSL DocBook stylesheets dri-7.0.1,2 OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for the DRI dsniff-2.3_3 Various sniffing utilities for penetration testing editres-1.0.3 Dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit Applications elinks-0.11.2_3 Elinks - links text WWW browser with enhancements en-openoffice.org-US-2.3.1 Integrated wordprocessor/dbase/spreadsheet/drawing/chart/br encodings-1.0.2,1 X.Org Encoding fonts esound-0.2.38 A sound library for enlightenment package eterm-0.9.4_2 X11 terminal emulator based on rxvt/xterm etherape-0.9.6_2 A graphical network traffic visualization tool for gnome ettercap-gtk2-0.7.3_5,1 A network sniffer/interceptor/injector/logger for switched evieext-1.0.2 XEVIE extension headers expat-2.0.0_1 XML 1.0 parser written in C faad2-2.6_1,1 MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AAC audio decoder feh-1.3.4_2 An image viewer that utilizes Imlib2 ffmpeg-2007.10.04_1 Hyper fast realtime audio/video encoder/converter, streamin fftw3-3.1.2 Fast C routines to compute the Discrete Fourier Transform firefox-,1 Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla fixesproto-4.0 Fixes extension headers fl0p-0.0.2.b Passive L7 flow fingerprinting tool flashplugin-mozilla-0.4.13_1 A GPL standalone Flash (TM) plugin for Mozilla web browser flex-2.5.33 Fast lexical analyzer generator flow-tools-0.68_5 Suite of tools and library to work with netflow data flowgrep-0.9 TCP stream/UDP/IP payload 'grep' utility flowviewer-3.2_3 Web-based user interface for the flow-tools NetFlow data fluxbox-1.0rc3_3 A small and fast window manager based on BlackBox font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.0_1 X.Org Adobe 100dpi font font-adobe-75dpi-1.0.0 X.Org Adobe 75dpi font font-adobe-utopia-100dpi-1.0.1 X.Org Adobe Utopia 100dpi font font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.1 X.Org Adobe Utopia 75dpi font font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.1 X.Org Adobe Utopia Type1 font font-alias-1.0.1 X.Org Font aliases font-arabic-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Arabic fonts font-bh-100dpi-1.0.0 X.Org Bigelow Holmes 100dpi font font-bh-75dpi-1.0.0 X.Org Bigelow Holmes 75dpi font font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi-1.0.0 X.Org Bigelow Holmes Lucida TypeWriter 100dpi font font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi-1.0.0 X.Org Bigelow Holmes Lucida TypeWriter 75dpi font font-bh-ttf-1.0.0 X.Org Bigelow & Holmes TTF font font-bh-type1-1.0.0 X.Org Bigelow Holmes Type1 font font-bitstream-100dpi-1.0.0 X.Org Bitstream Vera 100dpi font font-bitstream-75dpi-1.0.0 X.Org Bitstream Vera 75dpi font font-bitstream-type1-1.0.0 X.Org Bitstream Vera Type1 font font-cronyx-cyrillic-1.0.0 X.Org Cronyx Cyrillic font font-cursor-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Cursor fonts font-daewoo-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Daewoo fonts font-dec-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Dec fonts font-ibm-type1-1.0.0 X.Org IBM Type1 font font-isas-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous ISAS fonts font-jis-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous JIS fonts font-micro-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Micro fonts font-misc-cyrillic-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Cyrillic font font-misc-ethiopic-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Ethiopic font font-misc-meltho-1.0.0_1 X.Org miscellaneous Meltho font font-misc-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Misc fonts font-mutt-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Mutt fonts font-schumacher-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Schumacher fonts font-screen-cyrillic-1.0.1 X.Org Screen Cyrillic font font-sony-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Sony fonts font-sun-misc-1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous Sun fonts font-util-1.0.1 Create an index of X font files in a directory font-winitzki-cyrillic-1.0.0 X.Org Winitzki Cyrillic font font-xfree86-type1-1.0.0 X.Org XFree86 Type1 font fontcacheproto-0.1.2 Fontcache extension headers fontconfig-2.4.2_2,1 An XML-based font configuration API for X Windows fontsproto-2.0.2 Fonts extension headers fonttosfnt-1.0.3 Wrap a bitmap font in a sftn wrapper foremost-1.4_1 Console program to recover files based on their headers and fpdns-0.9.3 FPDNS - Fingerprinting DNS servers fping-2.4b2_1 Quickly ping N hosts w/o flooding the network fprobe-1.1_1 Tool that collects network traffic data fragroute-1.2_7 A tool for intercepting, modifying and rewriting egress tra fragrouter-1.6 Tool for testing network IDS implementations freetype2-2.2.1_2 A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine fribidi-0.10.9 A Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorith fslsfonts-1.0.1 List fonts served by the X font server fstobdf-1.0.2 Generate BDF font from X font server ftimes-3.8.0 A system baselining and evidence collection tool fusefs-curlftpfs-0.9.1 Mount remote ftp directories fusefs-encfs-1.3.2_1 An encrypted pass-through FUSE filesystem fusefs-httpfs- Fuse-based http filesystem fusefs-kmod-0.3.9.p1 Kernel module for fuse fusefs-libs-2.7.0_1 FUSE allows filesystem implementation in userspace fusefs-ntfs-1.913 Mount NTFS partitions (read/write) and disk images fusefs-smbnetfs-0.3.7 Mount smb shares (Fuse filesystem) fusefs-sshfs-1.8 Mount remote directories over ssh fusefs-unionfs-0.17 FUSE based implementation of the well-known unionfs gail-1.18.0_1 An implementation of the ATK interfaces for GTK+ widgets gamin-0.1.9 A file and directory monitoring system gcalctool-5.9.14_1,2 A GNOME 2 calculator tool based on the old calctool for Ope gccmakedep-1.0.2 Create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M' gconf2- A configuration database system for GNOME gd-2.0.35,1 A graphics library for fast creation of images gdb-6.6 GNU GDB of newer version than comes with the system gdbm-1.8.3_3 The GNU database manager gettext-0.16.1_3 GNU gettext package ghostscript-gpl-8.60 GPL Postscript interpreter giblib-1.2.4_4 A utility library that includes a wrapper for imlib2 gksu-1.3.7_1 Graphical frontend to su glib-1.2.10_12 Some useful routines of C programming (previous stable vers glib-2.12.13 Some useful routines of C programming (current stable versi glitz-0.5.6_1 OpenGL image compositing library glproto-1.4.8 GLX extension headers gmake-3.81_2 GNU version of 'make' utility gnash-0.8.1_1 GNU Flash movie player gnome-desktop-2.18.3 Additional UI API for GNOME 2 gnome-doc-utils-0.10.3_1 GNOME doc utils gnome-icon-theme-2.18.0_1 A collection of icons for the GNOME 2 desktop gnome-keyring-0.8.1_1 A program that keeps passwords and other secrets gnome-mime-data-2.18.0_1 A MIME and Application database for GNOME gnome-themes-2.18.1_1 A collection of themes and icons for GNOME2 gnome-vfs-2.18.1_2 GNOME Virtual File System gnome_subr-1.0 Common startup and shutdown subroutines used by GNOME scrip gnomehier-2.2_2 A utility port that creates the GNOME directory tree gnupg-1.4.7_1 The GNU Privacy Guard gnupg-2.0.4 The GNU Privacy Guard gnuplot-4.2.0_3 A command-driven interactive function plotting program gnutls-1.6.3 GNU Transport Layer Security library gpac-libgpac-0.4.4,1 Gpac MPEG-4 Systems library and headers gpasman-1.3.1_2 A password manager that stores password information encrypt gpgme-1.1.5 A library to make access to GnuPG easier gqview-2.0.4_1 Another gtk2-based graphic file viewer graphviz-2.14.1_1 Graph Visualization Software from AT&T and Bell Labs gsed-4.1.5_1 The GNU stream editor gsfonts-8.11_4 Fonts used by GNU Ghostscript (or X) gstreamer-0.10.14 Development framework for creating media applications gstreamer-ffmpeg-0.10.2_1 GStreamer plug-in for manipulating MPEG video streams gstreamer-plugins-0.10.14,3 GStreamer written collection of plugins handling several me gstreamer-plugins-a52dec-0.10.6_2,3 Gstreamer ATSC A/52 stream aka AC-3 (dvd audio) plugin gstreamer-plugins-bad-0.10.5_2,3 Bad gstreamer-plugins gstreamer-plugins-core-0.10_9 Core set of typical audio and video gstreamer-plugins gstreamer-plugins-dts-0.10.5_3,3 Gstreamer dts plugin gstreamer-plugins-dvd-0.10.6_1,3 Gstreamer dvd plugin set gstreamer-plugins-good-0.10.6,3 Good gstreamer-plugins gstreamer-plugins-libpng-0.10.6_2,3 Gstreamer png plugin gstreamer-plugins-mad-0.10.6_3,3 Gstreamer mp3 decoder plugin gstreamer-plugins-mp3-0.10.0 Gstreamer Plugins Mp3 decoder meta-port gstreamer-plugins-ogg-0.10.14_2,3 Gstreamer Ogg bitstream plugin gstreamer-plugins-pango-0.10.14_2,3 Gstreamer pango textoverlay plugin gstreamer-plugins-theora-0.10.14_3,3 Gstreamer theora plugin gstreamer-plugins-ugly-0.10.6,3 Ugly gstreamer-plugins gstreamer-plugins-vorbis-0.10.14_3,3 Gstreamer vorbis encoder/decoder plugin gstreamer-plugins-xvid-0.10.5_1,3 Gstreamer xvid plugin gtar-1.18_1 GNU version of the traditional tar archiver gtk-1.2.10_18 Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (previous stable version) gtk-2.10.14_2 Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version) gtk-engines2-2.10.2 Theme engine for the gtk+-2.0 toolkit gtk-murrine-engine-0.52_1 Murrine GTK+ 2.x cairo based engine gtk-murrine-themes-0.3_1 Murrine theme pack gtk-xfce-engine-2.4.1_1 An XFCE engine for GTK 2.0 gtkchtheme-0.3.1_4 GTK2 theme changer gtkspell-2.0.11_5 A GTK+ 2 spell checking component gv-3.6.2_1 A PostScript and PDF previewer gwee-1.36 Tool to exploit command execution vulnerabilities in web sc gxmessage-2.4.4_2 GTK2 substitute for xmessage hal- Hardware Abstraction Layer for simplifying device access help2man-1.36.4_1 Automatically generating simple manual pages from program o hicolor-icon-theme-0.10_2 A high-color icon theme shell from the FreeDesktop project honeysnap- The honeysnap project hping-devel-3.0.20051105 Network auditing tool iceauth-1.0.2 ICE authority file utility for X ico-1.0.2 Displays a wire-frame rotating plyhedron icu-3.6 International Components for Unicode (from IBM) iftop-0.17 Display bandwidth usage on an interface by host ilmbase-1.0.0_2 ILM Base libraries a.k.a. Half, IlmThread, Imath and Iex imake-1.0.2_4,1 Imake and other utilities from X.Org imlib2-20070223_1,1 The next generation graphic library for enlightenment packa inputproto- Input extension headers intltool-0.36.2 Tools to internationalize various kinds of data files ipaudit-0.95 IP traffic summarizer ipcad-3.7.3_1 IP accounting daemon with Cisco-like RSH and NetFlow export ipgrab-0.9.9 IPgrab is a verbose packet sniffer for UNIX hosts ipsectrace-0.1.0 IPSEC Traffic Profiler ipsumdump-1.63 Produce ASCII summary of network traffic or tcpdump(1) file itcl-3.3_2 Object-oriented extension to Tcl [incr Tcl] itk-3.3_2 Object-oriented extension to Tk [incr Tk] iwidgets-4.0.1_1 Iwidgets - [incr Widgets] jasper-1.900.1_6 An implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 s jbigkit-1.6 Lossless compression for bi-level images such as scanned pa jpeg-6b_4 IJG's jpeg compression utilities kbproto-1.0.3 KB extension headers kde-xdg-env-1.0_3,1 Script which hooks into startkde and helps KDE pick up XDG kdehier-1.0_11 Utility port which installs a hierarchy of shared KDE direc lcms-1.17,1 Light Color Management System -- a color management library lfpfonts-fix-0.82_1 Fixed width fonts from the Linux Font Project lfpfonts-var-0.83_1 Variable width fonts from the Linux Font Project lha-1.14i_6 Archive files using LZSS and Huffman compression (.lzh file libFS-1.0.0 The FS library libGL-7.0.1 OpenGL library that renders using GLX or DRI libGLU-7.0.1 OpenGL utility library libICE-1.0.4,1 Inter Client Exchange library for X11 libIDL-0.8.9 A library for creating trees of CORBA IDL files libSM-1.0.3,1 Session Management library for X11 libX11-1.1.3,1 X11 library libXScrnSaver-1.1.2 The XScrnSaver library libXTrap-1.0.0 The XTrap library libXau-1.0.3_2 Authentication Protocol library for X11 libXaw-1.0.4,1 X Athena Widgets library libXcomposite-0.4.0,1 X Composite extension library libXcursor-1.1.9 X client-side cursor loading library libXdamage-1.1.1 X Damage extension library libXdmcp-1.0.2 X Display Manager Control Protocol library libXevie-1.0.2 The Xevie library libXext-1.0.3,1 X11 Extension library libXfixes-4.0.3 X Fixes extension library libXfont-1.3.1,1 X font libary libXfontcache-1.0.4 The Xfontcache library libXft-2.1.12 A client-sided font API for X applications libXi-1.1.3,1 X Input extension library libXinerama-1.0.2,1 X11 Xinerama library libXmu-1.0.3,1 X Miscellaneous Utilities libraries libXp-1.0.0,1 X print library libXpm-3.5.7 X Pixmap library libXprintAppUtil-1.0.1 The XprintAppUtil library libXprintUtil-1.0.1 The XprintUtil library libXrandr-1.2.2 X Resize and Rotate extension library libXrender-0.9.4 X Render extension library libXres-1.0.3_2 X Resource usage library libXt-1.0.5 X Toolkit library libXtst-1.0.3 X Test extension libXv-1.0.3,1 X Video Extension library libXvMC-1.0.4 X Video Extension Motion Compensation library libXxf86dga-1.0.2 X DGA Extension libXxf86misc-1.0.1 X XF86-Misc Extension libXxf86vm-1.0.1 X Vidmode Extension liba52-0.7.4_1 A free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams, aka AC-3 libafterimage-1.15 Generic imaging library originally designed for AfterStep libao-0.8.8 Portable audio output library libart_lgpl-2.3.19,1 Library for high-performance 2D graphics libassuan-1.0.4 IPC library used by GnuPG and gpgme libast-0.7_2 A library of assorted spiffy things libaudiofile-0.2.6 A sound library for SGI audio file libbonobo-2.18.0_1 A component and compound document system for GNOME2 libbonoboui-2.18.0_1 GUI frontend to the libbonobo component of GNOME 2 libcddb-1.3.0 A library to access data on a CDDB server libcdio-0.77_2 Compact Disc Input and Control Library libcroco-0.6.1 CSS2 parsing library libdaemon-0.12 Lightweight C library that eases the writing of UNIX daemon libdca-0.0.5 Free DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder libdmx-1.0.2 XKB file library libdnet-1.11_1 A simple interface to low level networking routines libdrm-2.3.0 Userspace interface to kernel Direct Rendering Module servi libdvdcss-1.2.9_2 Portable abstraction library for DVD decryption libdvdnav-0.1.10_2 The library for the xine-dvdnav plugin libdvdread-0.9.7_2 This is needed by ogle, which is a DVD player that supports libevent-1.3d Provides an API to execute callback functions on certain ev libexif-0.6.15 Library to read digital camera file meta-data libexo-0.3.2_4 Terminal library, extensions to Xfce by os-cillation libflash-0.4.13_2 GPL Flash (TM) Library libfontenc-1.0.4 The fontenc Library libfpx- Library routines for working with Flashpix images libgcrypt-1.2.4_1 "General purpose crypto library based on code used in GnuPG libgksu-1.3.8_1 Library providing su and sudo functionality libgksuui-1.0.7_2 A graphical fronted to su library libglade2-2.6.2 GNOME glade library libglut-7.0.1_1 OpenGL utility toolkit libgmp-4.2.2 A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic libgnome-2.18.0_1 Libraries for GNOME, a GNU desktop environment libgnomecanvas-2.14.0_3 A graphics library for GNOME libgnomeui-2.18.1_1 Libraries for the GNOME GUI, a GNU desktop environment libgpg-error-1.5 Common error values for all GnuPG components libgsf-1.14.7 An extensible i/o abstraction for dealing with structured f libgtkhtml-2.11.1 Lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine libiconv-1.9.2_2 A character set conversion library libid3tag-0.15.1b ID3 tags library (part of MAD project) libidn-0.6.14 Internationalized Domain Names command line tool libixp-0.2.42 Standalone client/server 9P library libksba-1.0.1_1 KSBA is an X.509 Library libltdl-1.5.22_2 System independent dlopen wrapper libmad-0.15.1b_2 Libmad library (part of MAD project) libmng-1.0.9 Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library libmspack-0.0.20040308_3 A library for Microsoft compression formats libnetdude-0.9 A library for manipulating libpcap/tcpdump trace files libnotify-0.4.4_1 A library for desktop notifications libogg-1.1.3,3 Ogg bitstream library liboil-0.3.12 Library of optimized inner loops liboldX-1.0.1 Old X library libopensync-0.22_1 Freedesktop synchronization framework libpaper-1.1.21_3 A library providing routines for paper size management libpcapnav-0.7 A libpcap wrapper library libpurple-2.2.0 Backend library for the Pidgin multi-protocol messaging cli librsvg2-2.18.2 Library for parsing and rendering SVG vector-graphic files libslang-1.4.9 Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications deve libstatgrab-0.15 Provides a useful interface to system statistics libsvg-0.1.4_1 A parser for SVG content in files or buffers libthai-0.1.5_3 Thai language support library libtheora-1.0.a7_1 Theora video codec for the Ogg multimedia streaming system libtool-1.5.24 Generic shared library support script libublio-20070103 User space caching library libungif-4.1.4_5 Tools and library routines for working with GIF images libusb-0.1.12_1 Library giving userland programs access to USB devices libvolume_id-0.75.0_1 Library to provide file system type information libvorbis-1.2.0,3 Audio compression codec library libwmf- Tools and library for converting Microsoft WMF (windows met libwpd-0.8.9_1 Tools for importing and exporting WordPerfect(tm) documents libwww-5.4.0_4 The W3C Reference Library libxfce4gui-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 widget library required by xfce4 and xfwm4 libxfce4mcs-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 settings management library used by most XFce 4 modu libxfce4util-4.4.1 XFce 4 library with non-graphical helper functions libxkbfile-1.0.4 XKB file library libxkbui-1.0.2 XKB file library libxml2-2.6.30 XML parser library for GNOME libxslt-1.1.22 The XSLT C library for GNOME liferea-1.4.3b Simple RSS/RDF feed reader linc-1.0.3_6 A library for writing networked servers & clients listres-1.0.1 List resources in widgets localedata-5.4 Legacy locale data for FreeBSD 6+ lrzsz-0.12.20_1 Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol. (unrestrictive lsof-4.79C Lists information about open files (similar to fstat(1)) luit-1.0.2_2 Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals lzo-1.08_2,1 Portable speedy, lossless data compression library lzo2-2.02_1 Portable speedy, lossless data compression library m4-1.4.9 GNU m4 mDNSResponder-108 Apple's mDNSResponder mac-robber-1.00 A tool for listing Modify, Access, Create timestamps from f magicrescue-1.1.4 A file recovery tool which recovers deleted files from a bl makedepend-1.0.1,1 A dependency generator for makefiles meanwhile-1.0.2_1 Open Source implementation of the Lotus Sametime protocol memdump-1.01 Forensic utility for memory-dumping memfetch-0.05b Utility to dump process memory memgrep-0.8.0 Utility to manipulate memory from running processes and cor metacity-2.18.5 A window manager for the adult in you metasploit-3.0 Exploit-Framework for Penetration-Testing ming-0.3.0_3 LGPL'ed Flash 4/5 movie output library with many languages minicom-2.1 An MS-DOS Telix serial communication program "workalike" mkcomposecache-1.2_1 Program to create Compose cache files mkfontdir-1.0.3 Create an index of X font files in a directory mkfontscale-1.0.3 Creates an index of scalable font files for X mousepad-0.2.12_2 Simple xfce editor mrxvt-devel-0.5.3 Development version of mrxvt mysql-client-5.0.45 Multithreaded SQL database (client) nas-1.8_1 Network Audio System nasm-0.98.39,1 General-purpose multi-platform x86 assembler ncurses-5.6_1 Library for terminal-independent, full-screen output nedit-5.5_1 An X11/Motif GUI text editor for programs and plain text fi neon-0.26.4 An HTTP and WebDAV client library for Unix systems net-snmp-5.3.1_3 An extendable SNMP implementation netdude-0.4.7_1 NETwork DUmp data Displayer and Editor for tcpdump tracefil nettop-0.2.3 A program which looks like top, but is for network packets netwag-5.35.0_1 A graphical front end for netwox netwox-5.35.0 Netwox a network testing toolbox nfdump-1.5.2 Command-line tools to collect and process NetFlow data ngrep-1.45 Network grep ngrep-lib-1.3 Easy packet filtering library based on ngrep nikto-1.36 Web and CGI vulnerability scanner with SSL support nmap-4.20_1 Port scanning utility for large networks nspr-4.6.7 A platform-neutral API for system level and libc like funct nss-3.11.7 Libraries to support development of security-enabled applic ntop-3.3 Network monitoring tool with command line and web interface oclock-1.0.1 Round clock application for X oinkmaster-2.0 Help you update your snort rules after each update open-motif-2.2.3_5 Motif X11 Toolkit (industry standard GUI (IEEE 1295)) openldap-client-2.3.38 Open source LDAP client implementation openslp-1.2.1_2 Open-source implementation of the Service Location Protocol openssl-0.9.8g SSL and crypto library orage-4.4.1_1 A calendar application to manage your time with XFce 4 ourmon-2.5_1 A libpcap-based network monitoring and anomaly detection sy p0f-2.0.8 Passive OS fingerprinting tool p5-Bit-Vector-6.4_1 Library of advanced math functions that includes a Perl OO p5-Carp-Clan-5.9 Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of mod p5-Class-Gomor-1.01 Class and object builder p5-Config-General-2.33 Perl5 module for handling Apache-style configuration files p5-DBD-SQLite-1.14 Provides access to SQLite3 databases through the DBI p5-DBI-1.59 The perl5 Database Interface. Required for DBD::* modules p5-DBIx-SQLite-Simple-0.34 Easy access to SQLite databases using objects p5-Date-Manip-5.44 Perl5 module containing date manipulation routines p5-Digest-1.15 Modules that calculate message digests p5-Digest-HMAC-1.01 Perl5 interface to HMAC Message-Digest Algorithms p5-Digest-MD5-2.36 Perl5 interface to the MD5 algorithm p5-Digest-SHA1-2.11 Perl interface to the SHA-1 Algorithm p5-GD-2.35_1 A perl5 interface to Gd Graphics Library version2 p5-GD-Graph-1.44_1 Graph plotting module for perl5 p5-GD-TextUtil-0.86_1 Text utilities for use with GD drawing package p5-IO-Interface-1.03 Perl extension for access to network card configuration inf p5-IO-Socket-INET6-2.51_1 Perl module with object interface to AF_INET6 domain socket p5-MIME-Base64-3.07 Perl5 module for Base64 and Quoted-Printable encodings p5-Math-Base85-0.2 Perl extension for base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 19 p5-Math-BigInt-1.86 Math::BigInt - Arbitrary size integer math package p5-Net-DNS-0.61 Perl5 interface to the DNS resolver, and dynamic updates p5-Net-IP-1.25 Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses p5-Net-IPv4Addr-0.10 Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses p5-Net-IPv6Addr-0.2 Perl extension for manipulating IPv6 addresses p5-Net-Libdnet-0.01 Libdnet interface p5-Net-Packet-3.25 Send and receive frames from layer 2 to layer 7 p5-Net-Packet-Target-1.01 Target object for all Net-Packet related stuff p5-Net-Pcap-0.14 Interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library p5-Net-SinFP-2.06 Full operating system stack fingerprinting suite p5-Net-Write-1.00_1 An interface to open and send raw frames to the network p5-Socket6-0.19 IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure m p5-Storable-2.16 Persistency for perl data structures p5-Text-CSV-0.5 Composition and decomposition of comma-separated values p5-Time-HiRes-1.9707,1 A perl5 module implementing High resolution time, sleep, an p5-Tk-804.027_1 A re-port of a perl5 interface to Tk8.4 p5-URI-1.35 Perl5 interface to Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) refere p5-XML-Parser-2.34_2 Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat p5-gettext-1.05_1 Message handling functions p5-type1inst-0.6.1_5 A script that helps install Postscript fonts in X Window Sy packit-1.0_2 Network auditing tool pads-1.2 Passively detect network assets pango-1.16.5 An open-source framework for the layout and rendering of i1 patch-2.5.4 GNU patch utility pciids-20070906 Database of all known ID's used in PCI devices pcmanfm- PCMan File Manager pcre-7.3 Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library pdflib-7.0.2 A C library for dynamically generating PDF perl-5.8.8 Practical Extraction and Report Language pidgin-2.2.0 Pidgin multi-protocol messaging client (GTK+ UI) pilot-link-0.12.2,1 Suite of tools used to connect and sync your Palm handled pipebench-0.40 Pipebench shows current throughput/amount of data through a pixman-0.9.5_2 Low-level pixel manipulation library pkg-config-0.22 A utility to retrieve information about installed libraries pktstat-1.8.3 Network traffic viewer ploticus-2.33 Generates plots and graphs from data plotutils-2.5_1 A plotting library and toolkit pmacct-0.11.4 Accounting and aggregation tool for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic png-1.2.18 Library for manipulating PNG images policykit-0.1.20060514_4 Framework for controlling access to system-wide components poppler-0.6.3 A PDF rendering library poppler-data-0.1 Poppler encoding data popt-1.7_4 A getopt(3) like library with a number of enhancements, fro portaudio-18.1_2 Portable cross-platform Audio API portaudit-0.5.11 Checks installed ports against a list of security vulnerabi portupgrade-2.3.1,2 FreeBSD ports/packages administration and management tool s postgresql-client-8.1.10 PostgreSQL database (client) printproto-1.0.3 Print extension headers pth-2.0.7 GNU Portable Threads py25-dbus-0.82.2 Python bindings for the D-BUS messaging system py25-dpkt-1.6 Python fast, simple packet creation / parsing module py25-irclib-0.4.6 IRC protocol client library for Python py25-libdnet-1.11_1 Python module for libdnet py25-libxml2-2.6.30 Python interface for XML parser library for GNOME py25-magic-4.21 Python module for determing file type py25-pcap-0.5 Python interface to LBL Packet Capture library (libpcap) py25-pynids-0.5_2 Python interface to libnids py25-pypcap-1.1_2 Simplified object-oriented Python extension module for libp py25-setuptools-0.6c7_1 Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python pac python-2.5,2 The "meta-port" for the default version of Python interpret python24-2.4.4_1 An interpreted object-oriented programming language python25-2.5.1 An interpreted object-oriented programming language qmake-3.3.8_1 The build utility of the Qt project randrproto-1.2.1 Randr extension headers rdesktop-1.5.0_3 RDP client for Windows NT/2000/2003 Terminal Server recordproto-1.13.2 RECORD extension headers renderproto-0.9.3 RenderProto protocol headers resourceproto-1.0.2 Resource extension headers rgb-1.0.1 Uncompile an rgb corl-name database rlog-1.3.7 A flexible message logging facility for C++ rrdtool-1.2.23 Round Robin Database Tools rstart-1.0.2 Sample implementation of a Remote Start client ruby-1.8.6_2,1 An object-oriented interpreted scripting language ruby18-bdb-0.6.2 Ruby interface to Sleepycat's Berkeley DB revision 2 or lat ruby18-gems-0.9.2 Package management framework for the Ruby language ruby18-mysql-2.7.3 Ruby module for accessing MySQL databases with a C API like ruby18-pcap-0.6_1 Ruby interface to LBL Packet Capture library (libpcap) rubygem-actionmailer-1.3.3 Easy email delivery and testing for Ruby rubygem-actionpack-1.13.3 Action Controller and Action View of Rails MVC Framework rubygem-actionwebservice-1.2.3 Simple support for publishing Web Service APIs for Rails ap rubygem-activerecord-1.15.3 Object-relational mapping layer for Rails MVC Framework rubygem-activesupport-1.4.2 Utility classes and extension that are required by Rails MV rubygem-hoe-1.3.0 hoe - a tool to help rake rubygem-memcache-client-1.5.0 Ruby bindings for MemCached rubygem-rails-1.2.3 MVC web application framework rubygem-rake-0.7.3 Ruby Make rubygem-ruby-postgres- Ruby interface to PostgreSQL library rubygem-rubyforge-0.4.4 Simplistic script which automates rubyforge operations rubygem-zentest-3.6.1 Ruby Unit Testing Utility rxvt-unicode-8.3_1 A clone of the terminal emulator rxvt modified to support U samba-libsmbclient-3.0.26a Shared libs from the samba package sancp-1.6.1_2 A network connection profiler scapy-1.1.1_1 Powerful interactive packet manipulation program in python screen-4.0.3 A multi-screen window manager scripts-1.0.1 Various X related scripts scrnsaverproto-1.1.0 ScrnSaver extension headers scrollkeeper-0.3.14_8,1 An Open Document Cataloging Project scrot-0.8_1 A screen capture utility that utilizes Imlib2 sdl-1.2.11_1,2 Cross-platform multi-media development API sdocbook-xml-1.1,1 "Simplified" DocBook XML DTD sessreg-1.0.3 Manage utmp/wtmp entries for non-init X clients setxkbmap-1.0.4 Set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension sflowtool-3.12 This is a sFlow capture and sFlow-to-NetFlow conversion too sguil-client-0.6.1_3 Sguil is a network security monitoring program shared-mime-info-0.22 A MIME type database from the FreeDesktop project showfont-1.0.1 Font dumper for the X font server silc-toolkit-1.0.2 Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) network toolkit silktools-0.11.2 Tools for large-scale network capture analysis sinfp-2.06_20070407 Full operating system stack fingerprinting suite sjitter-0.14b A client/server jitter measurement utility sleuthkit-2.09 The @stake Sleuth Kit for forensic analysis smproxy-1.0.2 Session Manager Proxy snort- Lightweight network intrusion detection system speex-1.2.b2,1 An open-source patent-free voice codec sqlite3-3.4.1 An SQL database engine in a C library w/ Tcl wrapper startup-notification-0.9_1 Library that supports startup notification spec from freede stow-1.3.3_2 GNU version of Carnegie Mellon's "Depot" program subversion-1.4.4_1 Version control system sudo- Allow others to run commands as root svgalib-1.4.3_5 A low level console graphics library swig-1.3.31_2 Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator t1lib-5.1.1_2,1 A Type 1 Rasterizer Library for UNIX/X11 taglib-1.4_2 Library for manipulating ID3 tags and Ogg comments tcl-8.4.16,1 Tool Command Language tclX-8.4_1 Extended TCL tcllib-1.10_1 A collection of utility modules for Tcl tcpdstat-0.9 A tool for generating statistics from tcpdump (libpcap) fil tcpflow-0.21_1 A tool for capturing data transmitted as part of TCP connec tcpick-0.2.1 A text-based TCP stream sniffer tcpreplay-2.3.5_1 A tool to replay saved packet capture files tcpshow-1.74_1 Decode tcpdump(1) output tcpslice-2006.12.18 A tool for extracting portions of pcap files tcptrace-6.6.7 A TCP dump file analysis tool tcptrack-1.2.0 Packet sniffer which displays TCP information like top(1) tcpxtract-1.0.1 A tool for extracting files from network traffic teTeX-texmf-3.0_5 Thomas Esser's distribution of TeX & friends (texmf tree) tex-texmflocal-1.9 Meta-port that creates a site-local $TEXMF directory texi2html-1.76_1,1 Texinfo to HTML converter tftpgrab-0.2 TFTP stream extractor thunderbird- Mozilla Thunderbird is standalone mail and news that stands tidy-20000804_2 Fixes and tidies up HTML files tiff-3.8.2_1 Tools and library routines for working with TIFF images tk-8.4.16,2 Graphical toolkit for TCL trafshow-5.2.3,1 Full screen visualization of network traffic trapproto-3.4.3 DEC-XTRAP extension headers ttt-1.8.2_1 Tele Traffic Tapper, a network traffic monitoring tool twm-1.0.3_3 Tab Window Manager for the X Window System unclutter-8_1 Remove idle cursor image from screen unicornscan-0.4.2_3 Next-generation of udpscan plus a high-speed TCP scanner unrar-3.71.b1,5 Extract, view & test RAR archives unzip-5.52_3 List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive urwfonts-1.0_2 Another font package for X videoproto-2.2.2 Video extension headers viewres-1.0.1 Graphical class browser for Xt vim-7.1.116 Vi "workalike", with many additional features vte-0.16.12 Terminal widget with improved accessibility and I18N suppor weechat-0.2.6 A lightweight and user friendly ncurse based IRC client wget-1.10.2_1 Retrieve files from the Net via HTTP and FTP wireshark-0.99.6 A powerful network analyzer/capture tool wv2-0.2.3_1 A library providing routines to access Microsoft Word files wxgtk2-common-2.8.5 The wxWidgets GUI toolkit (common files) wxgtk2-unicode-2.8.5 The wxWidgets GUI toolkit (Unicode) x11perf-1.4.1 X11 server performance test program x264-0.0.20070913 Multimedia library and tool for encoding H.264/AVC video st xauth-1.0.2 X authority file utility xbacklight-1.1 Program to adjust backlight brightness xbiff-1.0.1 Mailbox flag for X xbitmaps-1.0.1 X.Org bitmaps data xcalc-1.0.2 Scientific calculator for X xchm-1.13 Windows HTML Help (.chm) viewer for UNIX xclipboard-1.0.1 X clipboard client xclock-1.0.3 Analog and digital clock for X xcmiscproto-1.1.2 XCMisc extension headers xcmsdb-1.0.1 Device Color Characterization utility for X xconsole-1.0.3 Monitor system console messages with X xcursor-themes-1.0.1_1 X.org cursors themes xcursorgen-1.0.2 Create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images xdbedizzy-1.0.2 Demo of DBE creating a double buffered spinning scene xditview-1.0.1 Display ditroff output xdm-1.1.6 X.Org X display manager xdpyinfo-1.0.2 Display information utility for X xdriinfo-1.0.2 Query configuration information of DRI drivers xedit-1.0.2 Simple text editor for X xev-1.0.2 Print contents of X events xextproto-7.0.2 XExt extension headers xeyes-1.0.1 A follow the mouse X demo xf86-input-acecad-1.2.1 X.Org acecad input driver xf86-input-calcomp-1.1.1 X.Org calcomp input driver xf86-input-citron-2.2.1 X.Org citron input driver xf86-input-digitaledge-1.1.0 X.Org digitaledge input driver xf86-input-dmc-1.1.1 X.Org dmc input driver xf86-input-dynapro-1.1.1 X.Org dynapro input driver xf86-input-elo2300-1.1.1 X.Org elo2300 input driver xf86-input-elographics-1.1.0 X.Org elographics input driver xf86-input-fpit-1.1.0 X.Org fpit input driver xf86-input-hyperpen-1.1.0 X.Org hyperpen input driver xf86-input-jamstudio-1.1.0 X.Org jamstudio input driver xf86-input-joystick-1.2.3 X.Org joystick input driver xf86-input-keyboard-1.2.2 X.Org keyboard input driver xf86-input-magellan-1.1.1 X.Org magellan input driver xf86-input-magictouch- X.Org magictouch input driver xf86-input-microtouch-1.1.1 X.Org microtouch input driver xf86-input-mouse-1.2.2 X.Org mouse input driver xf86-input-mutouch-1.1.0 X.Org mutouch input driver xf86-input-palmax-1.1.0 X.Org palmax input driver xf86-input-penmount-1.2.1 X.Org penmount input driver xf86-input-spaceorb-1.1.1 X.Org spaceorb input driver xf86-input-summa-1.1.0 X.Org summa input driver xf86-input-tek4957-1.1.0 X.Org tek4957 input driver xf86-input-vmmouse-12.4.2_1 X.Org vmmouse input driver xf86-input-void-1.1.1 X.Org void input driver xf86-video-apm-1.1.1_1 X.Org apm display driver xf86-video-ark-0.6.0_1 X.Org ark display driver xf86-video-ati-6.7.193 X.Org ati display driver xf86-video-chips-1.1.1_1 X.Org chips display driver xf86-video-cirrus-1.1.0_1 X.Org cirrus display driver xf86-video-cyrix-1.1.0_1 X.Org cyrix display driver xf86-video-dummy-0.2.0_1 X.Org dummy display driver xf86-video-fbdev-0.3.1_1 X.Org fbdev display driver xf86-video-glint-1.1.1_3 X.Org glint display driver xf86-video-i128-1.2.1_1 X.Org i128 display driver xf86-video-i740-1.1.0_1 X.Org i740 display driver xf86-video-i810-1.6.5_3 X.Org i810 display driver xf86-video-imstt-1.1.0_1 X.Org imstt display driver xf86-video-mga-1.4.7 X.Org mga display driver xf86-video-neomagic-1.1.1_1 X.Org neomagic display driver xf86-video-newport-0.2.1_1 X.Org newport display driver xf86-video-nsc-2.8.3 X.Org nsc display driver xf86-video-nv-2.1.3_1 X.Org nv display driver xf86-video-rendition-4.1.3_1 X.Org rendition display driver xf86-video-s3-0.5.0_1 X.Org s3 display driver xf86-video-s3virge-1.9.1_1 X.Org s3virge display driver xf86-video-savage-2.1.3 X.Org savage display driver xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.5.1 X.Org siliconmotion display driver xf86-video-sis-0.9.3_2 X.Org sis display driver xf86-video-tdfx-1.3.0_2 X.Org tdfx display driver xf86-video-tga-1.1.0_1 X.Org tga display driver xf86-video-trident-1.2.3_1 X.Org trident display driver xf86-video-tseng-1.1.1_1 X.Org tseng display driver xf86-video-vesa-1.3.0_1 X.Org vesa display driver xf86-video-vga-4.1.0_1 X.Org vga display driver xf86-video-via-0.2.2_2 X.Org via display driver xf86-video-vmware-10.15.0 X.Org vmware display driver xf86-video-voodoo-1.1.1_1 X.Org voodoo display driver xf86bigfontproto-1.1.2 XFree86-Bigfont extension headers xf86dga-1.0.2 Test program for the XFree86-DGA extension xf86dgaproto-2.0.3 XFree86-DGA extension headers xf86miscproto-0.9.2 XFree86-Misc extension headers xf86vidmodeproto-2.2.2 XFree86-VidModeExtension extension headers xfce-4.4.1_1 The "meta-port" for the XFce 4 desktop environment xfce4-appfinder-4.4.1_1 Find application in the system supporting Desktop entry for xfce4-desktop-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 desktop background manager and root menu xfce4-icon-theme-4.4.1_1 Icon themes for XFce 4 xfce4-mcs-manager-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 settings manager xfce4-mcs-plugins-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 settings manager plugins xfce4-mixer-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 volume mixer module for xfce4-panel xfce4-panel-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 panel module xfce4-print-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 graphical frontend for printing xfce4-session-4.4.1_1 Session manager for the Xfce 4 desktop environment xfce4-utils-4.4.1_1 XFce 4 essential utilities and scripts xfce4-wm-4.4.1_2 XFce 4 window manager xfce4-wm-themes-4.4.1 XFce 4 window decoration themes for xfwm4 xfd-1.0.1 Display all characters in an X font xfindproxy-1.0.1 Locate available proxy services xfontsel-1.0.2 Point and click selection of X11 font names xfs-1.0.4_4,1 X.Org font server xfsinfo-1.0.1 X font server information utility xfwp-1.0.1 X firewall proxy xgamma-1.0.2 Gamma correction through the X server. xgc-1.0.1 X graphics demo xhost-1.0.2 Server access control program for X xineramaproto-1.1.2 Xinerama extension headers xinit-1.0.5 X Window System initializer xkbcomp-1.0.3 Compile XKB keyboard description xkbevd-1.0.2 XKB event daemon xkbprint-1.0.1 Utility for printing an XKB keyboard description xkbutils-1.0.1 XKB utility demos xkeyboard-config-1.0_1 X Keyboard Configuration Database xkill-1.0.1 Utility for killing a client by its X resource xload-1.0.2 System load average display for X xlockmore-5.24 Like XLock session locker/screen saver, but just more xlogo-1.0.1 Displays the X Window System logo. xlsatoms-1.0.1 List interned atoms defined on a server xlsclients-1.0.1 List client applications running on a display xlsfonts-1.0.2 Server font list displayer for X xmag-1.0.2 X application for screen magnifying xman-1.0.3 Manual page display program for X xmessage-1.0.2 Display message or query in a X window xmh-1.0.1 Send and read mail with an X interface to MH xmlcatmgr-2.2 SGML and XML catalog manager xmodmap-1.0.3 Utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings i xmore-1.0.1 Plain text display program for X xorg-7.3_1 X.Org complete distribution metaport xorg-apps-7.3 X.org apps meta-port xorg-cf-files-1.0.2_2 X.org cf files for use with imake builds xorg-docs-1.4,1 X.org documentation files xorg-drivers-7.3 X.org drivers meta-port xorg-fonts-100dpi-7.3 X.Org 100dpi bitmap fonts xorg-fonts-7.3 X.org fonts meta-port xorg-fonts-75dpi-7.3 X.Org 75dpi bitmap fonts xorg-fonts-cyrillic-7.3 X.Org Cyrillic bitmap fonts xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps-7.3 X.Org miscellaneous bitmap fonts xorg-fonts-truetype-7.3 X.Org TrueType fonts xorg-fonts-type1-7.3 X.Org Type1 fonts xorg-libraries-7.3_1 X.org libraries meta-port xorg-nestserver-1.4,1 Nesting X server from X.Org xorg-protos-7.3 X.org protos meta-port xorg-server-1.4,1 X.Org X server and related programs xorg-vfbserver-1.4,1 X virtual framebuffer server from X.Org xpdf-3.02_3 Display PDF files, and convert them to other formats xphelloworld-1.0.1 Sends a test page to an Xprint printer xplot- X11 plotting package xplsprinters-1.0.1 Shows a list of Xprint printers xpr-1.0.2 Utility for printing an X window dump xprehashprinterlist-1.0.1 Recomputes the list of available printers. xprobe2-0.3 ICMP active OS fingerprint scanner xprop-1.0.3 Property displayer for X xproto-7.0.10 X11 protocol headers xrandr-1.2.2 Primitive command line interface to the RandR extension xrdb-1.0.4 X server resource database utility xrefresh-1.0.2 Refresh all or part of an X screen xrx-1.0.1 RX helper program xset-1.0.3 User preference utility for X xsetmode-1.0.0 Set the mode for an X Input Device xsetpointer-1.0.1 Set an X Input device as the main pointer xsetroot-1.0.2 root window parameter setting utility for X xsm-1.0.1 X Session Manager xstdcmap-1.0.1 X standard colormap utility xterm-229 Terminal emulator for the X Window System xtrans-1.0.4 Abstract network code for X xtrap-1.0.2 XTrap sample clients for X xvid-1.1.3,1 An opensource MPEG-4 codec, based on OpenDivx xvidtune-1.0.1 Video mode tuner for X xvinfo-1.0.2 Print out X-Video extension adaptor information xwd-1.0.1 Dump an image of an X window xwininfo-1.0.3 Window information utility for X xwud-1.0.1 Image displayer for X yersinia-0.7_2 Layer 2 vulnerability scanner (switches, spanning tree, 802 zh-fcitx-3.4.2_1 A simple and fast GBK Chinese XIM server zh-ttfm-0.9.5_2 A Big5/GB enhanced TrueType Font Manager zh-ytttf-1.0_1 Two Vera Sans Family TrueType fonts zip-2.32 Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip