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 user@machine:~% tcpflow -h
 tcpflow version 0.21 by Jeremy Elson <>

 usage: tcpflow [-chpsv] [-b max_bytes] [-d debug_level] [-f max_fds]
         [-i iface] [-w file] [expression]

       -b: max number of bytes per flow to save
       -c: console print only (don't create files)
       -d: debug level; default is 1
       -f: maximum number of file descriptors to use
       -h: print this help message
       -i: network interface on which to listen
           (type "ifconfig -a" for a list of interfaces)
       -p: don't use promiscuous mode
       -r: read packets from tcpdump output file
       -s: strip non-printable characters (change to '.')
       -v: verbose operation equivalent to -d 10
 expression: tcpdump-like filtering expression

 See the man page for additional information.