Starting, Restarting and Stopping the Sguil Server

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To manage the central Sguil server processes, change to the scripts subdirectory of the InstantNSM distribution and run as root:

# cd ~/instantnsm/scripts
# ./

The installation script should now show you the main menu:

InstantNSM Configuration Utility v0.7.0
David J. Bianco <>

Select software to configure on this system:

  1)    Configure sguil server
  2)    Configure sguil sensor
  3)    List installed sensors
  4)    Remove a sensor
  5)    Start/Restart a sensor
  6)    Stop a sensor
  7)    Sensor status
  8)    Start/Restart the server
  9)    Stop the server
  10)   Server status
  99)   Exit Configuration Script

Since the server typically starts itself at boot time, you'll probably only restart it if you've intentionally stopped the server or if part of it has died. To start a server or to restart a running server, selection option #8 (Start/Restart the server).

If you want to stop the server, you can select option #9 (Stop the server).

In either case, the script will then do as you have asked. If you are starting or restarting the server, it may take a few minutes for all sensors to reconnect, but they should do so automatically.

It might also be a good idea to check the server status, just to make sure everything worked as you intended.